Friday, January 14, 2011

First Glulam Manufacturing Plant in Mmmmmmm ...

 … flew down to Johor Bahro today (from KL) to visit the first glulam manufacturing plant in Malaysia ... Woodsfield Glulam Manufacturing Plant … Cool!  Eddie Ling, Managing Director, gave us a tour.  Laminating glued laminated timber from tropical hardwoods. 
The visting group ... (most of us, anyway)

Relatively short pieces used ...

Finger Joint Cutters

`First Round' of finger jointing.

short pieces finger jointed into longer ones ...

... and planed.

 ... And stacked.

`Second Round' of finger jointing.

The pieces are joined end to end to make laminations generally a bit longer than the finish end beam ... the laminations are then glued face-to-face and cured under pressure.
Cured beam ...

 ... ready for finishing (or maybe testing).

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