Friday, April 29, 2011

Jemes Res ... couple more features

 Here are the Jemes Res. glulam trusses again ...  The truss ends (heels) bear inside the walls and on glulam columns that reveal a little into the living space.  Note that one column dimension is chosen to match the truss member(s) width, with the other determined either by structural requirements or (oversized) for `look'.  For example, a bare-bones minimum size column might fit entirely within the wall - but would not `reveal' the look of supporting the structure above.  Likewise smaller truss members might be possible - especially with the really deep truss geometry - but, again, might not give the `look' of supporting the load above (potentially a lot of snow on the roof). 

And here is a closeup of a support column revealing a bit into the living space.  And, aha! ... a finger joint in the glulam.  The finger joint is what makes glulam so awesome! ... the ability to end joint short or modest length pieces into laminations (and thus beams) of essentially unlimited length.  

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risby said...

I am just wondering who was the manufacturer of the trusses?