Monday, September 16, 2013

apartment building framing ...

 ... the trusses themselves are made of 2 x 4, 2 x 6, etc. ... spaced (I assume) at 24 in. o.c.  There are some cool things to note:

1.   ... note how the trusses DON'T touch the top of the framed wall.  This is intentional! ... The trusses are intended to bear end to end.  Once loaded they will deflect a bit.  A gap here allows the trusses (roof) to sag, without loading the wall.  On my blog I have a blurb about what happens when the wall is framed tight, and the roof sags everywhere else except over the wall ... makes things look not so good.
2. ... note the single strong-back brace that ties the trusses to one another.
3. ... note the gap at the peak, probably for venting.
4. ... note the staggered stud arrangement ... probably to develop sound insulation between different units.  (It's gonna be an apartment building.)
5.  ... note the double top plate, which is typical.  There is a double stud, also.  I'm not sure why that is there except perhaps it has something to do with the splice in the bottom layer of the double top plate.
I really liked the framing of this project.  The Super on the project gave me permission to take photos, use as teaching example, blog, etc.  I need to go back when he is there and make sure he has my business card.  I like working for people who do good work. 

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Louie Donovan said...

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